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Cantine Federigi

Colli di Luni White Gladius The Bay of the Sun

Colli di Luni White Gladius The Bay of the Sun

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This Colli di Luni Bianco DOC was born from the union of several native vines such as Vermentino, Albarola, Malvasia and Trebbiano and keeps alive that peasant tradition which in the territory of Antica Luni saw the elderly prefer the vinification in blends to obtain wines which through the union of different varietal expressions were complete and balanced. The good wine and the use of Gladio, historical symbol to which we dedicate the name, used for fighting inside the Roman amphitheater which is narrated and documented by the most illustrious writers of the time such as Martial, Polybius and Pliny the Elder.

grape variety: albarola - vermentino VOL. 13%

PAIRINGS: Appetizers and seafood first courses, fresh pasta with seasonal vegetables, stewed squid, sea bream baked in foil, Ligurian cakes and fillings

  • COLOUR: Clear straw yellow
  • AROMAS: Decisive fruity notes with citron and apple in evidence and a slighter presence of aromatic herbs
  • TASTE: In the mouth it is dry, warm and with a good structure with soft tones structure with soft tones well balanced by sensations of great freshness

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