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Cantine Paolo Leo

Primitivo IGP Paolo Leo

Primitivo IGP Paolo Leo

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Primitivo IGP Paolo Leo is a unique wine, produced with an ancient vine grown in Puglia. This vine ripens early, and can offer a "second harvest" after only 20 days. These fruits are used to make the mighty wine fresher, improving its taste.

Primitive vine

NAME: Salento IGP

PRODUCTION AREA: rural area of ​​Sava and Manduria in the province of Taranto

TRAINING SYSTEM: spurred cordon

Primitivo del Salento is a full-bodied and intense red wine that lends itself to combinations with various dishes. Here are some pairing ideas to best enhance the characteristics of this wine:

  1. Grilled red meats: Primitivo del Salento has a robust structure and soft tannins, which go well with grilled red meats such as beef steak, pork ribs or roast lamb. Its richness of fruit and spices integrates perfectly with the intense flavors of the meat.

  2. Game-based dishes: Thanks to its aromatic complexity and full body, Primitivo del Salento is an excellent choice to accompany game-based dishes such as wild boar, hare or deer. The wild flavors of the meat are combined with the intense aromas of the wine, creating a balanced combination.

  3. Seasoned cheeses: Primitivo del Salento can be combined with seasoned and tasty cheeses such as Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano or Gorgonzola. Its structure and complexity manage to contrast and balance the intensity of the cheeses, creating a harmonious combination.

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