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La Guardiense

Quid Aroma Red La Guardiense

Quid Aroma Red La Guardiense

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Janare Quid Red Sparkling

In Sannio the janare are witches, mythical figures of civilization and peasant culture who allude to the strong and indomitable character of the women of this land, capable of hurling curses and fatal spells against their enemies. Legend has it that during the day they hid their nature while at night, after covering themselves with a magical ointment, they took flight on a classic sorghum broom. Before taking off towards the sky and their assembly point, it is said that they recited this phrase: «Under the water, under the water, under the water, under the in the wind, under the Benevento walnut tree). In this way, the Guardiense wanted to pay homage and not lose the memory of this ancient and suggestive Samnite popular tradition.


  • Region: Campania
  • Pairing: White meats, Red meats, Cheeses, Pasta, Cured meats
  • Aroma: Floral, fruity
  • Alcohol content: 11.0%
  • Service temperature: 6°C
  • Sulfites: Yes
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